Edimbo Lekea

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Born of Congolese parents, Edimbo Lekea (born Lucien-Edimbo Lekea) is a "Franco-Congolais" artist painter born in a small town of Creil, France. It wasn't until the early ages of 5 to 6, that Lucien got to develop his creative skill through various sketches. From there, it would be an on and off relationship. After moving to Kent, WA in 2003, Lucien was exposed to so many different cultures.

Within the African diaspora, there was a saying that Black folks didn't know there history enough or at all. Being so fascinated with different sound in black music (from reggae, Rumba, Hip Hop, jazz, Old School R&B, zouk and other genre), Lucien decided to take it upon himself to unearth the mystic of Black History, and merge it into the his Paintings. In 2015 that Lucien started The NDI movement (Natty Dread Illustration) for 1 soul purpose, to create a sanctuary were Blacks could find/learn about themselves and also learned about their cousins from across the oceans.

"Through my work, you will be able to visit how our people live their lives from the cultural practices, everyday life, ideas, empowerment, and Monumental Events. The goal is to rewrite our TRUstory." - Lucien Lekea.

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